Volcano Guest House
11-3733 Ala Ohia Street
Volcano, HI 96785 USA
(808) 967-7775
(808) 936-3623

Ball We are Family and Kid Friendly! Ball

Our front entrance - dogs in front, toys on the shelves

Hina can't get her mouth around the basketball, so she prefers "steal the can."
Hina (pronounced heena) means silver or moonlight

Maggie, our border collie is old and deaf, but still friendly. We just ask that you keep an eye out for her as she likes to sleep on the driveway, and can't hear you coming anymore. Hina, our Heeler pup, is a lap dog - here doing laps around the pond, so the ducks remain attentive.

We try to keep on hand all the peanut butter and cereal needed to make kids feel at home.

Jake, Hina, Calley - king and queens of the sand pile

Calley and Jake help feed the ducks.

Bonnie with Hopoe, one of our two Dexter heifers. Dexters are a small Irish breed - house cows - that love the cool forest. Hopoe is the name of the best friend of Hiiaka, Pele's younger sister.

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